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Re: [E-devel] Evas needs... ?

>	To be continued.... :)

	Well, the prior emails pretty much outline all that I have in
mind here as far as objs/engines re-structuring: Modular units which
when called upon to add an evas obj to an evas canvas would either
use a default 'generic' set of funcs, or load an implementation that
is specific to the engine associated with that evas.. plus a set of
argb32/a8 and other buffer related set of functions that all engines
would provide in order to facilitate generic and other rendering.

	I should add that this is just a minor modification of the
current evas design - just allowing for modular/loadable obj-types
along with loadable engines. It will still have the same layers/objs
model, same updates and events mechanisms, etc... all of which,
I should also add, was designed and written by Carsten.

	Jorge's "object server" idea is the only real new thing --
I'll have to let him explain that himself as I know nothing about it.

	There is much that one can consider about "canvases", and
there seems to have been a lot of activity recently by Qt on this,
along with their own version of edje-theming using svg and css docs.

	Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, ... ?