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Re: [E-devel] evas arabic support

	Wagner writes:
> ....
> ....
> so, now are my questions :
> would it be a good idea to add support for arabic text
> (and hebrew, and complex languages) ?
> which functions would need to be modified ?
> (are for example some functions returning string lenghts ?)
> how is text internally encoded ? widechars or locale dependent ?
> would it be acceptable to include minibidi source code or should
> we wait for libfribidi ?
> all comments welcome !

	Well, I'll tell you in brief what I personally think.

	It would be great to support all manner of languages and
scripts -- of course! But this is no simple matter to do in a truly
comprehensive way. Text/font handling really needs a dedicated
maintainer of its own - it's that complex. It requires careful study,
looking into how it's best handled by other works, etc, etc.

	Several text/font-related api functions return various text/
glyph metrics values.

	Evas uses utf8 encoding, and should probably stay that way.

	As to "including" code form other sources... if you do so
verbatim, it could mean potential copyright and other legal kinds
of issues - depends on the source.

	But it's good to see someone looking into this tough area :)