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Re: [E-devel] E17 needs...?

> > I can use it for hours/days/... and get a different idea,
> > and I can look thru the src code and get yet another viewpoint..
> > But neither will equal that 'first-impression' viewpoint.
> the fallacy is that you have first impressions of something
> totally incomplete.
> "this house is crap - the back half has no roof and the rain
> comes through, no lights in most rooms, and there is no carpet
> anywhere!". yes. welcome to a construction zone  :)  you have
> to take the time to look at whats there and imagine what it will
> be like when complete. obvious omissions are that because we
> probably just are not there yet.

	You are too sensitive :)  It's more like: "Hey the house
looks really cool.. Here are some things though that first caught
my eye... maybe it'll be of use somehow..." 

	Man, I could've gone on and on about what's really amazing
about e17, there's so much there.. But that's just not very helpful,
not from my viewpoint.
	And how can one imagine what it'll "be like when complete"
when it's unclear wether or not some things will be supported or
not (eg. systray)? First you didn't want .desktop support, then
you did.. no svg icons, then you did, no xxxxxx... then maybe yes

	Don't you think it's a good idea to get input from everyone/
anyone about what they think might be desirable, what might be
considered useful, what many may find good or bad, etc, etc, etc...
And to get this feedback as early as possible...??

	Cheer up, I loved it - blows the rest away! It was very,
very COOL!! I've told you that before. :)