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Re: [E-devel] Very strange startup problem

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Daniel Kasak a écrit :
> Hi all.
> I've just put another new Linux box together, and I've found the
> following strange startup bug.
> I've created a .desktop file for 'gnome-settings-daemon' to give gtk+
> apps a decent appearance. I then add this to the startup folder. When
> I start E, the startup animation displays, but without some detail (
> without a background layer - just the E logo, which is animated ).
> When the animation finished, I'm left with a blank screen. E is
> running, but not rendering - or at least if it is, I can't see it,
> because the startup animation hasn't gotten out of the way.

I had the same issue here. you should try to set an icon to your
.desktop file, that solved my problem. Don't ask me why. that worked :)

> If I remove gnome-settings-daemon from my startup folder, OR if I
> disable the startup animation, E starts correctly. Also, things work
> fine if I wait until after E's started to load up
> gnome-settings-daemon ( which is otherwise working correctly ). If I
> drop to a console and hit CTRL and C to kill X, Enlightenment keeps
> running ( and takes up all CPU ).
> All E dependancies were built last night, and again this morning (
> just to check ). I've also rebuilt gnome's control panel package (
> which has gnome-settings-daemon ).
> Dan
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