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Re: [E-devel] E CVS: apps/e devilhorns

Stafford Horne wrote:

Consider class names like

The main reason for using a battery_label, temperature_label (etc etc) was that so battery could have a different color class from temperature. If we went with some generic classes, which I'm not totally against, then that would mean all module labels would have the same color, as opposed to using blue on the battery and red on temperature, etc, etc.

Allowing themes to expand the list is on my TODO for this. Basically, I was thinking that the config dialog would list all the "standardized" color classes, as it does now, then at the bottom of the list, have it show any "extra" color classes that the theme supports, which would include module color classes.

I'm completely open to input on this, and now is the time as the dialog is in it's infancy.