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[E-devel] E17 needs...

	I hadn't run e17 for a few months, and just recently
updated it and did so.. Many new good things here - imagine
how much could be done if the work done over the last couple
of months could continue!  :)

	I have some personal criticisms and requests though,
just based on first impressions of a few minutes of use... :)
(maybe should've sent this to the 'users' list rather than the
'devel' list...)

	1. People want 'icons' on the desktop. Why can't I have
icons on the desktop... Must have icons-on-the-desktop... etc.
Why can't e17 do that?
	2. Log-out/in/etc. buttons are only available through the
main menu - Why aren't they on the bottom of the right-moose-button
click-on-desktop menu.. And on the panel/bar/shelf thing?
	3. People want to edit menu/menu-items, drag/drop to and fro
menus, etc... Why can't e17 do that?
	4. Config dialog thing opens multiple versions of any of
its sub-dialogs, it shouldn't do that. Also, why can't e17 put a
'link' on the panel/shelf thing, or on a menu, or on the desktop..
to any one of these sub-dialogs?
	5. Menus all look the same -- I want a silly golden-image
bar-like thing that says "Enlighten..." on the left side of the
main menu, and _only_ on that menu. Why can't e17 do that?
	6. Well, you get the idea.... :)

	I am offering a bounty of *one can of sardines* to whoever
first 'fixes' any/each of these things :)