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[E-devel] Enity porting problem


I have a problem porting Enity application to FreeBSD that I'm
currently can't resolve. In function _en_list_cb of src/bin/enity.c
it's assumed, that va_list is just an array of parameters, which is
not the case for all platforms (e.g. on FreeBSD amd64 va_list is just
__bultin_va_list), and thus compilation fails. That is we should not
do any assumptions about va_list structure as it can vary across

Personally, i have no any idea currently how it can be resolved. Maybe
someone on this list or the author can come up with some solutions?

PS: one of possible solutions is to implement a kind of
etk_tree_append_array function that will take it's arguments from
array/linked list instead of varargs.

Thanks for attention.

Stanislav Sedov          <stas@FreeBSD.org>        [[Россия, Москва]]
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