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Re: [E-devel] Enlightenment CVS committal

	I wrote:

>	I think this is some subtle grad id problem, or some such, in
> the way edje grads are defined.. or some other part of the code that
> may deal with 'transitions'.
	and also,

>	Since Brian is busy with things, it looks like I may have to
> see if I can sort this out.

	I ended up modifying all the edje grad stuff.. and adding
bunch of new things.. and 'fixing' a couple of small things I saw..
and I still couldn't get rid of the "weird" transitions.

	In the end, I had to back up and re-examine evas itself,
since I couldn't see how else this could be happening.

	And indeed I did find the source of the problem in evas grads,
NOT edje. I'll send a patch for evas later (a couple of lines really),
as I also saw that some changes that I thought I'd done for the xrender
engine never made it to the diff I sent.

	Anyway, the 'edje-grad-transition-problem' is over. My sincere
apologies to Brian for ever having doubted his edje-grads.. they work
just fine :)