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[E-devel] Eterm cut and paste doesn't work on x86_64 with gcc4.1.1


Several gentoo (and a suse) users have been having trouble with Eterm
specifically with it's interface with xselection.  We think that we have
narrowed it down to x86_64 with gcc4.  The behavior is that you can
cut/paste within a select group of type of windows (eterms, xterms, firefox,
thunderbird), but you can't paste into other types (opera, ooffice, knotes,
etc.)  The only clue that I have is that I ran klipper (kde's
clipboard/xselection tool) in a terminal and tried to select from an eterm.
When I do, I get the following error as soon as I mouseup following the

X Error: BadAtom (invalid Atom parameter) 5
 Major opcode:  17
 Minor opcode:  0
 Resource id:  0x3200048

I have tried to hack scr/screen.c, but I haven't been successful in
pinpointing the issue.

Can anyone here give me a push in the right direction?