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Re: [E-devel] Enlightenment CVS committal

On Tue, 3 Oct 2006 07:46:09 GMT "jose_ogp@juno.com" <jose_ogp@juno.com> babbled:

> 	Brian writes:
> > I'll look at the bg dialog within the next couple of days
> > (pretty busy with work atm. unfortunately). And I definitely
> > plan on cleaning up the edje grads a bit. Just gotta find some
> > time again.  :) 
> 	Sounds good :)  Edje grads should be easier and more
> flexibly dealt with now.
> 	And Carsten writes:
> > i fixed it already  :) 
> 	All by yourself eh..? :)

nup - see commit log :)

> 	I haven't tried the latest in cvs, but the real problem I
> saw was the not-changing-correctly-to-the-desktop-bg issue.
> 	I looked at this a bit more carefully... It's not that it
> wasn't doing anything when 'apply' was pressed - it's doing some
> sort of transition between the current bg edje and the selected 
> one.. But if either one is a grad edje, then you can see that around
> half way thru there's a bit of the grad edj showing (very transp),
> and then it goes white after that.
> 	If you actually logout with the grad edje set as bg and then
> log back in it'll then show up ok. But again if you try to change it
> to another grad bg.. we get the same weirdness.
> 	I've actually made edje to always set the grad-obj color to
> red say, and it doesn't seem to matter.. you get red-tinted grads
> lightly appearing ~half-way and then back to nothing... so the
> problem doesn't seem to be in edje color transitions... It may be
> somewhere else in edje's transitions code, or it may be in e17.

edje does the transition :(

> 	Did this happen before the move to premul?

no - i think it worked.

> 	I'll see if I can track this down a bit more.. My total
> ignorance of e17 doesn't help here - is there any way to make
> e not do the transition bit when switching bgs? It would actually
> be good if this were part of the bg dialog -- being able to set
> the trans type, speed, etc.... :)

there is a transitiosn cfg dialog actually :)

>    jose.
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