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Re: [E-devel] Enlightenment CVS committal

	Brian writes:

> I'll look at the bg dialog within the next couple of days
> (pretty busy with work atm. unfortunately). And I definitely
> plan on cleaning up the edje grads a bit. Just gotta find some
> time again.  :) 

	Sounds good :)  Edje grads should be easier and more
flexibly dealt with now.

	And Carsten writes:

> i fixed it already  :) 

	All by yourself eh..? :)

	I haven't tried the latest in cvs, but the real problem I
saw was the not-changing-correctly-to-the-desktop-bg issue.

	I looked at this a bit more carefully... It's not that it
wasn't doing anything when 'apply' was pressed - it's doing some
sort of transition between the current bg edje and the selected 
one.. But if either one is a grad edje, then you can see that around
half way thru there's a bit of the grad edj showing (very transp),
and then it goes white after that.

	If you actually logout with the grad edje set as bg and then
log back in it'll then show up ok. But again if you try to change it
to another grad bg.. we get the same weirdness.
	I've actually made edje to always set the grad-obj color to
red say, and it doesn't seem to matter.. you get red-tinted grads
lightly appearing ~half-way and then back to nothing... so the
problem doesn't seem to be in edje color transitions... It may be
somewhere else in edje's transitions code, or it may be in e17.

	Did this happen before the move to premul?

	I'll see if I can track this down a bit more.. My total
ignorance of e17 doesn't help here - is there any way to make
e not do the transition bit when switching bgs? It would actually
be good if this were part of the bg dialog -- being able to set
the trans type, speed, etc.... :)