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Re: [E-devel] Enlightenment CVS committal

> > also, line 1329 should now read:
> > 
> > evas_object_gradient_color_stop_add(ep->object,
> > 				sc->r, sc->g, sc->b, 255, sc->d);
> > evas_object_gradient_alpha_stop_add(ep->object, sc->a, sc->d);
> hmm - color stop can't add the alpha directly as-is?

	Yes, but only in this particular case because the alphas
are then 255. But since edje assumes the inputs are non-premul,
in general it would generate a premul spectrum with non-premul
colors :(
	The evas_object_gradient_color_stop_add function expects
premul colors and generates a premul spectrum.