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Re: [E-devel] Enlightenment CVS committal

> >	Ummm... How about adding a 'premul' flag to eet images, which
> > would be set/read accordingly...
> i could... but i would need to break eet api... and i'm just as
> happy to break format - premul encoding can be more efficient
> compression-wise by nulling out transparent pixels.  :) 

	Yeah..  And it would be silly to load, premul, then unpremul
to save-to-eet, and then load-from-eet and premul again! So you made
the right decision there.

	I looked into the grad problem you mention on irc...
No problem with grads themselves, just a couple of changes that are
needed now in edje and e17 due to the new evas changes.

	Two files you need to make changes to.

In edje, in the file "edje_calc.c", line 1303 should read:

evas_object_gradient_fill_angle_set(ep->object, p3.fill.angle);

also, line 1329 should now read:

				sc->r, sc->g, sc->b, 255, sc->d);
evas_object_gradient_alpha_stop_add(ep->object, sc->a, sc->d);

	Then in e17, in the file "e_spectrum.c", line 304 should
	    data[(i * sp->iw) + j] =
	      (sp->cv->a << 24) |
	      (((r * sp->cv->a) / 255) << 16) |
	      (((g * sp->cv->a) / 255) << 8) |
	      ((b * sp->cv->a) / 255);

	Ok, that will take care of your dialog previews and such...
*BUT* for some reason, when you hit "apply", it fails to do so.
No idea why -- that's some obscure e17 thing I know nothing about.

	If you want I can send you the diffs to edje and e17,
though I'm sure Brian intends to rewrite the edje grads a bit.
	But again, I have no idea why nothing gets 'applied' to the
actual bg.