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[E-devel] [patch] blue_eyed theme "pixel" border bug

Please find attached a one-liner fix for the weird pixel border
behaviour I previously reported.

As an aside, an edje_decc'd copy of blue_eyed can't be built using
./build.sh .. includes aren't pathed right, and a file seems to be
missing. (I commented out several refs to net_*.edc and created
symlinks, for testing)

diff -ur blue_eyed_0.6.5.g_i/parts/borders_pixel_client.edc blue_eyed_0.6.5.g_ib/parts/borders_pixel_client.edc
--- blue_eyed_0.6.5.g_i/parts/borders_pixel_client.edc	2006-09-27 23:30:30.361645658 +0200
+++ blue_eyed_0.6.5.g_ib/parts/borders_pixel_client.edc	2006-09-27 23:40:57.747660141 +0200
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 part {
-	name: "e.client";
+	name: "e.swallow.client";
 	type: SWALLOW;
 	description {
 		state: "default" 0.0;