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Re: [E-devel] entrance is now bloated.

Morten Nilsen wrote:
Essien Ita Essien wrote:
Essien Ita Essien wrote:
correct... that should be what is causing the XModMap thingy, and the
extra entrance hanging around. Fix coming.
The killer blow has been dealt, no more per user owned entrance process, only good ole entrance_login and entranced and I think it should have fixed morten's issue with XModMap also, Morten can you confirm this?

PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 1953 root 16 0 6964 1936 1528 S 0.0 0.4 0:00.06 entranced 12616 root 16 0 2004 712 576 S 0.0 0.1 0:00.97 entrance_login 12627 essiene 15 0 22844 16m 4136 S 0.0 3.2 0:02.51 enlightenment

Sorry, mac.. still not getting my xmodmap installed..
Ok... I'll look more into this later at night today. Thnx for the feedback.
But at least that entrance process is gone now :)

arr... shivers me timbers! ;)