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Re: [E-devel] e_menu Keyboard Navigation using First Characters

On 9/26/06, Metrics <metrics@score5.org> wrote:
The patch attached to adds keyboard navigation to the menu using the
first character of the menu label. It automatically executes anything
with a single entry in the menu and just activates those that have
multiple entries. If you don't like it's behaviour I can change it.

cool, sounds useful. but, i don't think i like the "automatically
executes anything with a single entry" bit. I think it would be useful
as a sort of search feature, and would be "weird" to get a different
action based on the contents of the menu. for example, on a long menu,
one might try to hit "z" just to get to the bottom of the list, b/c
they don't quite know what they are looking for, and be surprised when
"zenity" is executed (contrived example, but that's the idea).

Win+C, F might be handy, but Win+C, F, Enter isn't that bad either.

The patch is based on successful application of the patch from my
previous mail, as it's just too messy (it is a little bit already),
without accurate menu list item tracking.

One item that I'm not happy with, and I can't seem to see the issue is
that when hitting an item with a submenu and the submenu is activated,
the first item is not highlighted. I don't quite understand this as it's
using the same function as pressing the right arrow on the keyboard. It
can be a little bit confusing without the marker.

One REALLY useful feature of having menus like this is, say the Favorite
Applications menu is shown by Win+C. If Firefox is in the menu then
Win+C, F, will launch firefox.

Again, let me know what you think and if it needs mods, I'm happy to
make them.


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