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Re: [E-devel] Sebastid, stop messing with ecore_desktop.

	Michael writes:

> Welcome to the Bazaar.  If you would prefer to work in a Cathedral,
> please note that you will not find one here.

	For either method to work though.. cooperation and a certain
set of guidelines are needed. That's why you have "rights" to CVS
commit access.. For a true 'Bazaar', it would be open to everyone.

	Clearly the best methodology would be that *all* code gets
reviewed prior to being comitted - even code from the maintainer!
	That might be a bit slow and impractical, but if a project
is being actively worked on, as eg. the ecore desktop stuff, then it
seems wise to consult with the active maintainer before comitting
anything -- preferably to *work together* to improve things.

	It's possible to get too 'commit happy' and start making this
and that "little" change, and some other "small" changes... until you
inadvertently 'oops' something up.. I've seen this happen recently in
evas with some recent commits which started from simple 'cosmetic'
things and ended up in the xrender engine now having some potential
scaling errors and some preformance loss.. On the other hand, it may
also end up in the xorg tree being fixed to handle something better.

	Maybe the ecore-desktop snafu, if you will, may end up in
better cooperation between sebastid and onefang... :)