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Re: [E-devel] Sebastid, stop messing with ecore_desktop.

On Tuesday, 26 September 2006, at 16:22:38 (+1000),
David Seikel wrote:

> You said it yourself, it is childish.  Childish of you to keep
> changing other peoples working code because you don't like the way
> it looks.

No, it was childish of you to respond in this manner.  He made a
mistake by not coordinating with you, but his mistake didn't make him
look like a child hogging the sandbox at the playground.

> The few, small, fixes that you are making are not worth the effort
> of wading through all the noise you are generating rewriting working
> code.  The only reason I haven't reverted the lot is because it has
> already taken too much of my time sorting out the good from the bad.
> Yes, I bothered to take the time to understand what you are doing,
> something it is obvious you are not taking the time to do yourself.

If a competent fellow developer is unable to follow your code, you
bear at least some of the responsibility for that.  Lack of comments
or inaccurate/incorrect comments can cause this.

> I don't have the time to follow you around with a mop as you smear
> finger paint all over the furniture to make it look pretty.

Rather than simply reverting changes without explanation, why not
explain exactly what was wrong with what he did and why your code
works the way it does?  That type of thing facilitates discussion
rather than treating a valued developer like a troll.

> I will in future just revert anything you do in ecore_desktop,
> without bothering to read it, or anything in related code unless it
> is just one or two lines that are obviously a fix to something that
> is broken.
> Go away, you are not welcome in ecore_desktop.

Welcome to the Bazaar.  If you would prefer to work in a Cathedral,
please note that you will not find one here.

No one here is such an incredibly talented programmer that they cannot
benefit from the assistance or insights of others.  Constructive
dialogue amongst developers will result in higher quality code than
slapping and pinching.

Look at the entrance situation:  raster handled the issue properly, by
explaining in detail the problem and his reasoning for the approach he
took.  Thanks to him, the problem is being addressed without anyone
getting pissed off and leaving.  Your handling of this situation has
resulted in the loss of a good developer.

I have always found sebastid to be competent, cooperative, and
meticulous.  This is the second time in recent memory that you've
become (IMHO) territorial and less than cooperative with a fellow
developer; I hope we can count on greater patience and collaboration
going forward.


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