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Re: [E-devel] entrance is now bloated.

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> OK - a quick check today:
>  4183 root      15   0 79712  28m 5216 S    0  2.9   0:35.94 Xorg      
>  9385 raster    15   0  106m  21m  11m S    0  2.1   0:03.04 sylpheed  
>  4189 root      16   0 65112  13m 3060 S    0  1.3   0:04.72 entrance  
>  4600 raster    16   0 65112  11m  704 S    0  1.1   0:00.00 entrance  
>  4601 raster    15   0 70988 9604 3984 S    0  0.9   1:50.63 enlightenm
>  4168 root      16   0 41956 1248  860 S    0  0.1   0:00.00 entranced 
> ... now yes - i know how top and ps can lie - BUT, i only now JUST noticed -
> someone has removed my work of using entrance_login. ie entranced spawns (and
> manages) X and entrance (entrance is the gui front end). when you authenticate
> - entrance runs the login session. in order to make sure that when your login
> ends everything is cleaned up login-wise, entrance_login sits and waits for the
> user's login to end. entrance_login is small - it uses no efl libs. it is
> intended to be so small as to use very little ram while you are logged in. this
> seems to have been thrown out the window now with entrance spawning 2
> incarnations of itself and just siting around hogging stale unused memory that
> will eventually need to be swapped out - while a user is logged in.
First off, I'd like to own up responsibility for being (at least in
recent times) the contact person for Entrance, and allowing this to go
thru unobserved. Negative points for me :(
> why was this removed? why suddenly consume about 20MB worth of resident pages
> of ram when this is really not needed? just exec() entrance_login so it
> replaces the entrance process with a brand new one that has no allocated
> memory, fragmented pages etc. if any housekeeping needs to be added - add it to
> entrance_login and pass it in via cmd-line, stdin or something. as it stands
> entrance is hogging a huge amount of memory for no useful purpose. entranced
> should stick around - and really - it's not fat at all (400k of resident pages
> or so). look at the above - enlightenment is leaner than entrance - by < 50%
> mem use. and entrance should be doing NOTHING - it should be idle and consuming
> basically no resources as it's only waiting for my login session to end.
I think this was just a case of modifying code someone didn't understand
fully. I'm going to look thru to find out if that someone was me :( or
someone else. I'll go about fixing this back.
> now - this brings me to my point. people need to think about what they are
> patching and changing - not just in terms of features, but what they might
> break, destroy and then bloat-up. this isn't gnome people. we CARE about
> resource usage. if you are going to use ram or cpu - do it for a reason - get
> something out of it (functionality, prettiness, etc.) but profile your work -
> check its memory usage, check its process spawning - do the processes go away?
> so you leave them hanging around consuming precious ram and/or cpu.
I'm sorry this happened on my watch :(
> pay attention to the details. details make the difference between a $1 piece of
> plastic imitation junk churned out by a chinese factory and a masterpiece of
> craftsmanship.
> i am sorry to have to say this - but i'm disappointed to see lax work like
> this. :(
/me goes off to track down AND fix the issue.