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Re: [E-devel] Sebastid, stop messing with ecore_desktop.

As you said, if I break anything I should fix it. I have gotten no
information about what I broke and what the problem was, you just
reverted all changes. So how should I fix it then?

Sorry about the formatting changes, but deeply nested code which is
automatically indented with a too short linelength is very difficult to
read. So I changed it to suit e-coding standards.

I really tried to understand the code you wrote, but it is quite
difficult. So I opted to write my own version. If you don't like it in
ecore_desktop I will put it somewhere else.

But the fact remains the same. The menu code is leaking badly and must
be fixed. This affects all users of e, so either fix the leaks
yourself, or let others try to fix them.

Best regards