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[E-devel] Sebastid, stop messing with ecore_desktop.

You are playing with things you don't understand and breaking them.
Please stop.

(Due to problems between gmail and sf.net I can't seem to send emails
to the E lists.  I know other gmail users can, and I can send email to
other sf.net lists.  So I am trying to send this via the gmail web interface
rather than from my usual email client.  See if that works.)

You said it yourself, it is childish.  Childish of you to keep changing
other peoples working code because you don't like the way it looks.
The few, small, fixes that you are making are not worth the effort of
wading through all the noise you are generating rewriting working
code.  The only reason I haven't reverted the lot is because it has
already taken too much of my time sorting out the good from the bad.
Yes, I bothered to take the time to understand what you are doing,
something it is obvious you are not taking the time to do yourself.

I asked you politely in private to stop, and I got a holier than thou
attitude from you.  You continued to mess with the code in ways that are
not needed, and you continued to break things.

I don't have the time to follow you around with a mop as you smear
finger paint all over the furniture to make it look pretty.

I will in future just revert anything you do in ecore_desktop, without
bothering to read it, or anything in related code unless it is
just one or two lines that are obviously a fix to something that is

Go away, you are not welcome in ecore_desktop.