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[E-devel] Engage, and Taskbar module...

Hello. I have updated e17 after 6 months of using it almost without modifications.

Advances are impressive. .eap are working much better, .desktop files are recognized (a really good thing) and so, it looks much more in it's way.

But engage, is getting older or so. It dies when i try to enable the module with a "undefined smbol: e_gadman_mode_set" error. But the Shelf is now taking a central role (no more modules on the desktop, everything inside a shelf) and probably it's the best place to put an "engage-like" tool.

What would be useful, is a kind of "iBox" that shows both minimized and not minimized apps. What we could call a "Taskbar". To reduce space it can use the same innovative engage way to manage different instances of the same app, creating a bunch of mini-icons when cursor is over the app.

I have seen a Taskbar module already on the new modules, but it still has too much to grow, and i thing that empowering iBox is the best direction.

That's all. A big congratulation to all the developers that are making e17 better !

Ivan Hernandez