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Re: [E-devel] Continuing the website saga

I honestly don't see the need of having *everything* integrated, except for a 
unified authentication system and maintenance

I see the need of an agile way of update information on the website (a wiki), 
exchange opinions and support (a forum), and a formal channel for users to 
present problems to the developers (a bug tracker).
I offer my help to unify the look and authentication systems of the best tool 
for each job.

Unified authentication should be almost trivial to implement, the real problem 
here is maintenance, having to track bugs and updates for several different 
apps could be a bother, but not much more than tracking the bugs of obscure 
modules that-might-be-unmaintained of a given CMS.

In my opinion trying to use an integrated system for everything will turn up 
with a collection of half-baked services.

If you insist on using a integrated solution, then I guess Mambo/Joomla is the 
most professional and complete choice I know about.