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Re: [E-devel] another segfault

On 9/21/06, Jochen Schroeder <jochen.schroeder@gmail.com> wrote:
Why does it always seem to be me stumbling upon these weird things. Well
e17 seems to segfault reproducibly when I open a file which has a swap
file with gvim. Gvim pops up a dialog asking if I want to edit the file
abort ..., when I click on any of the choices I get a segfault.
Backtrace attached, cvs as of a couple of days ago.

nothing attached.

I have run in to a similar segfault with gvim, when reloading a file
that has changed. it brings up a small dialog notifying you that it
has been changed, and asks if you want to reload it. e sefaults when
you dismiss the dialog.



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