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Re: [E-devel] Continuing the website saga

On Thursday, 21 September 2006, at 16:08:08 (-0700),
Justin Patrin wrote:

> Be careful. Last I used TikiWiki it was a mess code-wise. Lots of
> places for security holes to pop up and a wiki rendering engine that
> was pure spaghetti. It may have gotten better in the year or so
> since I last used it but....be careful. It has some egregious
> problems before that allowed people to hijack your site very easily
> (similar to the PHPBB bugs you may have heard about).

I've worked with the code too, and it's not great.  But the engine
works.  As far as security problems go, 3 or 4 have come up recently,
but it had been a long time prior to that.  I keep a pretty close eye
on them too, and while we're undoubtedly going to fall victim from
time to time (no matter *what* CMS we use), adequate backups are the
best solution.

> I would suggest possibly looking into bitweaver (formerly known as
> TikiPro). They did a great job of refactoring and making the system
> much nicer internally.

I'm a bitweaver developer myself.  There is no forum engine, no FAQ
engine, and major refactoring work is still going on.  BW simply does
not fulfill the needs of this project yet.


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