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Re: [E-devel] Continuing the website saga

On Thu, 21 Sep 2006 16:07:41 -0700 Ben Rockwood <benr@cuddletech.com> babbled:

> Andrew Williams wrote:
> > Using your preferred method "fixing" would require giving CVS write
> > access (and a CVS tutorial for the non-coders) to every person who
> > asked. Seems to me like a non-solution.
> >   
> To be clear, I'm not saying XSM sucks or doesn't work... but I think its
> undeniable that it doesn't work _for us_.  The answer has remained the
> same, XSM isn't at fault its the machine, but we haven't gotten a
> machine and don't know when we will, so if we don't get a machine then
> something else has to change.  

we will be getting a machine shortly - thus why i am discussing all of this! :)

> The underlying problem isn't even XSM really, its the lack of updates. 
> What ever will get us back to updates if fine by me.  Speed up XSM, move
> to something else, whatever, I just want a website thats useful and gets
> us back on track.
> I only said that HTML was "my way" because I could export the HTML from
> XSM (a handy feature), commit it, and work on it immediately.  Frankly
> that isn't the best way or the right way, I only mentioned it because
> its just fast and easy and doesn't require much debate on choosing a
> different CMS.
> And, to be perfect honest, I don't like running XSM because every time I
> have a problem with it I feel like I'm bashing you, Andy, and I don't
> like avoiding problems just because I don't want to piss off someone I
> respect.  The old principles of not doing business with family. 
> benr.
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