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Re: [E-devel] Continuing the website saga

Andrew Williams wrote:
> Using your preferred method "fixing" would require giving CVS write
> access (and a CVS tutorial for the non-coders) to every person who
> asked. Seems to me like a non-solution.

To be clear, I'm not saying XSM sucks or doesn't work... but I think its
undeniable that it doesn't work _for us_.  The answer has remained the
same, XSM isn't at fault its the machine, but we haven't gotten a
machine and don't know when we will, so if we don't get a machine then
something else has to change.  

The underlying problem isn't even XSM really, its the lack of updates. 
What ever will get us back to updates if fine by me.  Speed up XSM, move
to something else, whatever, I just want a website thats useful and gets
us back on track.

I only said that HTML was "my way" because I could export the HTML from
XSM (a handy feature), commit it, and work on it immediately.  Frankly
that isn't the best way or the right way, I only mentioned it because
its just fast and easy and doesn't require much debate on choosing a
different CMS.

And, to be perfect honest, I don't like running XSM because every time I
have a problem with it I feel like I'm bashing you, Andy, and I don't
like avoiding problems just because I don't want to piss off someone I
respect.  The old principles of not doing business with family.