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Re: [E-devel] Continuing the website saga

Hey Guys,

  Sorry I've been away for so long.  I'm still here, just in hiding.  I
just wanted to chime in that I am fully willing to redo the site and do
what needs to be done to get that horrible pile of crap (90% of which I
wrote and hasn't been changing in 2+ years) fixed.  I've made it clear
over the years that so long as we're using Rectang XSM I won't touch the
site.  I used it a couple of times and the frustration, speed, and
capabilities of XSM are totally inexcusable.  I have a great respect for
HandyAndE and mean no disrespect to him, but so long as XSM is in place
I'm not touching it anymore.

  I've put out the offer a couple times over the years to dump the site
to static HTML and manage it like we used to, out of CVS, if nothing
else as a starter.  I'm totally willing to make that migration if I get
a thumbs up.  At least it would be a starting point and updates were
happening pretty frequently back prior to the XSM migration.

  Ultimately I'd like to see all the divergent pages re-combined back
into a single E site, but politics always seem to cloud that discussion.

  Anyway, I'm not dead, I'm still here and watching, although busy, but
who isn't.  Say the word and I'll get back to work... the docs all need
refreshes too, all of which remains on my TODO list.  In the meantime
I'm getting more and more Solaris people moved over to Enlightenment and
keepin' the buzz alive at shows and in the various non-Linux circles.


  PS: If folks aren't looking at our stats, have a look, the site gets a
huge amount of activity, it deserves some love.