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Re: [E-devel] Again: Mail module patches

Nikolas Arend wrote:
Nikolas Arend wrote:
Christopher Michael wrote:
Sounds great :) Can you actually attach the patches tho? :) When I save attachments, all I get is the tomcat message :)

I did attach them, even the first time. They didn't get through for some reason. But the patches are included in the text of the email you just replied to. ;-) Just copy'n paste them.

Best,  Nick.

Here is an update to the longer patch I sent before. For Mozilla/Thunderbird mbox's, the messages that are marked to be in Trash don't get added to the total number of messages in the Inbox any more.


So, uhm, does anybody have an opinion about it? Are there any problems with the patch, with applying it or code-wise? Some feedback would be appreciated. ;-)

Thanks,   Nick.