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Re: [E-devel] itray module

On 9/18/06, Blake Barnett <shadoi@nanovoid.com> wrote:

Personally, I don't think it's worth it.  Integrating it well with
e17 is non-trivial because of deficiencies in the spec.  Trayer works
fine as an alternative: http://prdownload.berlios.de/fvwm-crystal/


Wouldn't it be possible to use a module so that trayer can be parked in a
I've been playing with trayer the last couple days, and it's actually pretty
configurable (albeit only from the CLI with startup options passed). If
trayer could be put into a module "holder" and then added to a shelf - and
add some config options (grow to the left, grow to the right, automagically
resize, etc.) then I think we'd have a pretty good / usable module. It would
also remove the need to add any systray stuff into e itself until such a
time as the spec is fixed (the core functionality of the systray being
maintained by the crystal-fvwm team).

my .02