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Re: [E-devel] evas / svg configure issue and solution

On Sun, 17 Sep 2006, ~Rик~Bо~@ ~Zож~C~Eа~@ов wrote:

В чт, 2006-09-14 в 14:42 -0500, D. Hageman написа:
I am going to send along this patch again because changes some changes
were made to the configure.in file, but they weren't the *right* changes.

This should solve the SVG issues for the Fedora/Redhat platform.

That may have worked for you, but you broke other people's builds like
that. Right now it doesn't work in slackware, whereas before raster
committed your patch, it worked.
Can we please have a unified solution that works for all systems.

I absolutely agree that we should have a unified solution that works for all systems. The patch mearly corrects what raster added to make it work for Fedora/Redhat based systems. I don't have any slackware boxes or access to slackware boxes to see what it is doing to not make it work for that distro. If I did, I would love to help. As I stated before my knowledge of autofoo isn't the best. It looks to me like raster's solution daisy chained the library checks so if one fails, it moved on to the next. This seems like a plausible solution.

Personally, I believe that the main problem comes from the maturity of these
libraries.  These kind of frusterations are common with this new of code.

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