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Re: [E-devel] E CVS: libs/ecore onefang

On Sun, 17 Sep 2006 01:23:26 -0500 "Nathan Ingersoll" <ningerso@gmail.com>

> This is the type of information it would be great to get onto the
> website under some sort of development section. One of the few reasons
> I can see for a wiki is that it would be easy to throw up bits like
> this with less formality.
> Even for those of us that try to keep up on IRC and list discussions,
> its easy to miss out on some of the details of a change.

oooh is this a cross-thread posting... changing topic to the website again :)
(and yes it would be good to have. adding it to e.org currently is just painful
and not feasible).

> On 9/16/06, brian.mattern@gmail.com <brian.mattern@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > The .eap format is being deprected. It consisted of a .edj file with
> > certain extra keys specified for application info (name, exe, etc).
> > This allowed the icon image to be tied directly to the application
> > launching information (making it difficult to have launchable apps
> > lacking icons). However, it is also difficult to handle icon themes (as
> > the launching info is then duplicated between each differently themed
> > icon). We now use the more standard .desktop files (which specify the
> > launch info, and a name for the icon, but no actual icon data).
> >
> > However, in order to retain support for animated icons, we've slightly
> > extended the spec to search first for a .edj icon in certain locations
> > (iirc, /prefix/share/enlightenment/data/icons and ~/.e/e/icons).
> >
> > So, the launch data within the .eap files will no longer be used, just
> > the edje data. Thus, moving back to the .edj extension :)
> >
> > rephorm.
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