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Re: [E-devel] E CVS: libs/ecore onefang

This is the type of information it would be great to get onto the
website under some sort of development section. One of the few reasons
I can see for a wiki is that it would be easy to throw up bits like
this with less formality.

Even for those of us that try to keep up on IRC and list discussions,
its easy to miss out on some of the details of a change.

On 9/16/06, brian.mattern@gmail.com <brian.mattern@gmail.com> wrote:

The .eap format is being deprected. It consisted of a .edj file with
certain extra keys specified for application info (name, exe, etc).
This allowed the icon image to be tied directly to the application
launching information (making it difficult to have launchable apps
lacking icons). However, it is also difficult to handle icon themes (as
the launching info is then duplicated between each differently themed
icon). We now use the more standard .desktop files (which specify the
launch info, and a name for the icon, but no actual icon data).

However, in order to retain support for animated icons, we've slightly
extended the spec to search first for a .edj icon in certain locations
(iirc, /prefix/share/enlightenment/data/icons and ~/.e/e/icons).

So, the launch data within the .eap files will no longer be used, just
the edje data. Thus, moving back to the .edj extension :)