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[E-devel] Mail module patches

Hi all,

attached please find two patches for the mail module against current cvs.
The patches are mutually exclusive. One (mail_small.patch) just fixes an
issue in mbox.c and adds support for parsing Thunderbird/Mozilla style
mbox files. Besides that it only replaces one c++ style comment by its c
counterpart in e_mod_config_box.c (some c compilers don't like that).

The other (mail.patch) is a bit more extensive. Besides the things just
mentioned, it also adds a checkbox to the config dialog (maybe not
ideally placed atm) by which one can choose whether the mbox file should
be monitored permanently (via an ecore_file_monitor), or just checked
manually or at every check interval (like pop3 accounts).

Please let me know what you think, it works fine here. One issue I have,
though: everything is ok for the first mbox account I add. I can enable
and disable the permanent/non-permanent checking feature, all fine. But
thinks don't work as expected for the next mbox account. The settings
don't seem to get applied properly, although they are obviously stored.
I don't see why. I'm non sure it's an issue with my patch, maybe someone
can look into it.

Please let me know when there are any problems with applying the patches.

Cheers, Nick.