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Re: [E-devel] evas premul changes

> > Much ado about gradients, but hopefully all this will make
> > it easier to work with grads in current edje and otherwise.
> > 
> >	Comments...?
> sounds good - one thing i did notice - gradient fills are a lot
> slower than images...  :)  i noticed when cross-fading wallpapers
> @ 1600x1200 with gradient bg's  :) 
	I'll get back to you on the rest later... I've a fairly
busy wekend ahead and need to get some sleeeeeep :)  Nearly done
with things - just a tiiiny bit more to do, and then merely check
every evas src file to see if something stands out.....

	But as far as grad rendering speed... They'll never be
as fast as image rendering, ever. Not with any kind of software
	The best you can do is to match it in certain special cases.
Every dst pixel needs to be composited with some src pixel, and
with grads the src pixel needs to be generated on the fly via
possibly several interp steps.. at least one step more than images.

	You can match it by special casing (aka more code) or by
caching results as images for redraws.. but every special case
that one can do for grads (eg. horz/vert grads etc), one can have
the same for images. On the 'plus' side, grads require a lot less
input data to generate large regions with varied geometrical shapes,

	Nevertheless, yes grads can definately benefit from some
optimizations :)