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Re: [E-devel] Maximize bug ( e17 current cvs )

On Tue, 12 Sep 2006 20:46:37 +0900 "David Stevenson" <david.35472@gmail.com>

> On 12/09/06, Daniel Kasak <dkasak@nusconsulting.com.au> wrote:
> > Hi all.
> >
> > For about the past 2 weeks I've been having a bug with maximizing
> > applications.
> >
> > When an app requests that a window get maximized, the window gets placed
> > too high or low ( depending on whether the shelf is on the top or bottom ).

well the example bug and app was doing something different - it was literally
REQUESTING a new x,y location from the wm - and e was obeying. it was asking
this after requesting a maximize. i have forced e to not respond to such
requests once mximized and instead modify the saved values so on unmaximize it
will go to where it asked.

> I noticed this too when trying to vertically maximize my Eterms.
> I have my shelf in the top left corner, running down the side of the
> screen for 206 pixels, but if my window x,y is below that point then
> it doesn't work (this is just one case that its broken in).

this is a different matter - yes the maximize algos have problems :)

> I took a look at the source on the weekend, and I think what the
> problem is is that in the _e_maximize_border_rects_fill routine the
> process is to first maximize out to the left, and then next try to
> maximize out to the top. But, because the window is already maximized
> to the left side of the screen, the routine decides that this position
> intersects with the position of the shelf and so doesn't maximise
> upwards. Currently this routine also tries to maximize in all
> directions at once. There is also a "FIXME: The right order?" in this
> code.

it really needs to be split to maximize only in 1 direction to make this work
properly :(

> What I was going to do next (but as always, when!? and if someone
> doesn't beat me to it) was add an E_Maximize arg to this logic when
> calling from e_border_maximize, and then...
> a) if the arg is "maximize vertically", only try to maximize the
> window vertically
> b) if the arg is "maximize horizontally", only try to maximize the
> window horizontally (this much will solve my problems, and finally)
> c) if the arg is "maximize in both directions", then for starters try
> different orders of maximizing horizontally and vertically and select
> the result that gives the maximum volume of space for the window
> (there may be a smarter way of determining maximum volume, but I've
> not thought that far yet).

actually thats a good idea :) (the volume thing) :) sounds like that would work
well... so... i'm waiting for you to "get to it" :)

> David
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