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Re: [E-devel] evas premul changes

> > Since we're 'breaking' stuff and going over things -- I went
> > ahead and *removed* the current "evas_object_gradient_data_unset"
> > api function.
> > 
> > 	Why..?  Well, its functionality can be obtained by setting
> > new data/adata, or by the colors-clear api func (which will clear
> > alpha stops as well), or just by adding new color/alpha stops.
> >
> Maybe we should just name the function evas_object_gradient_clear()?
> (since it'll clear color/alpha stops, data or image depending on
> which was set, if i'm understanding properly)
	Yes, that's what it does. Also, if you add a color/alpha
stop and there's data/alpha_data or a file set, it would remove these
latter, etc.
	But yes, I guess a more generic 'gradient-clear' name would
be better than the current 'colors-clear' (though it might be taken
to mean 'clear' the type as well).
	However, if we're going to do that, then maybe just go ahead
and rename some others.. eg. 'grad-fill-spread' instead of the current
'grad-spread', and 'grad-stop-add' instead of 'grad-color-add', and
'grad-alpha-stop-add' instead of 'grad-alpha-add'

	I guess a lot of these should have 'spectrum', but that's
so damn long.. which is why I used 'range' instead for the "offset"
and "direction" properties.

	I'll leave it up to you and Carsten if you wish -- you're
the 'namespace' overlord.. something highly needed. :)

> > .....
> > .....
> This makes a lot of sense to me. It cleanly maps to edje, and
> gives all the functionality I can currently think one would want
> (without the hackish feel of my current 'solution' in edje.

	What you did was actually fairly ideal if one were dealing
exclusively with linear grads (and evas had similar).
	But yes, I think the above may work fine with the generic
gradient&fill interfaces.

> > ...
> > where 'direction' should be 1 or -1. This will reverse the
> > gradient spectrum if set to -1.
> Is this ignored for 'image' gradients?

	No, the spectrum will be reversed regardless of its source..
ie. wether it's from stops/data/file. It's done internally when
the interpolating ocurrs.

> > Much ado about gradients, but hopefully all this will make
> > it easier to work with grads in current edje and otherwise.
> > 
> >	Comments...?
> Very awesome stuff. Thanks!  :) 

	Very straightforward really.. some "physics" stuff someone
started looks like far more awesome stuff :)
	But it should improve things with grads a bit. Most of the
actual reworking had to do with the premul change and the separate
color/alpha stuff... and with various improvements I took the chance
to do - more acurate spectrum generation, fix the type-params parsing
so it only ocurrs when the params actually change, and some other
	There's still a lot left to do with grads - add the file
setting, add "foci" params to radial and angular grads, maybe
add a 'stop-mode' function for setting wether the "distance" used
in stops should be interpreted as 'weights' or as 'dist-to-next',
and many other things (eg. optimizations)...
	But I have to get out of gradient-land soon, I'm starting
to get tired of them.