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Re: [E-devel] Continuing the website saga

On 13-Sep-06, at 8:04 PM, Kevin Brosius wrote:

dan sinclair wrote:

Just thought of two more possible things for the site.

I think you are going way overboard. :P

Maybe. We possibly don't want half the things that I've listed. I'm just trying to work out what we do want. We have a bunch of these components sitting on different sites. Do we want to consolidate all of these, and if so, which pieces.

Maybe we don't want to bother with the wiki, or the autogen'd docs. I've got no idea, heh.

1- cvsweb. I know we have this running on Kevin's site now. So we can
either bring it in house, or just make cvsweb.enlightenment.org point to
  his site. Kevin, opinions?

No problem either way.  I run it because I use it a lot, and will make
it public for the forseeable future.  I've got no problem adding a DNS
link to it, as Michael said, I have the DNS setup info around here, if
you want me to do that.  The tree is based on the same cvs tree that I
presently offer the anon mirror on, so unless someone asks me to stop
offering those, I will leave them up. :)

Then the easiest thing is to probably just make a url redirect to your site. Keeps things simpler to maintain.

2- mailing list archives. Do we want the hassle of hosting these? sf
seems to be doing an OK job of it (not that I look much).

Well, maybe you should ask who is going to host the 'mailing lists'
first.  When sf has delivery or connection problems, the mailing lists
stop or disappear for however long the outage takes.  That's more
important than the archives.

True. I didn't actually think about moving the lists themselves. Just seems like it would be a terrible amount of work. Re-subscriptions, etc.

Oh, and I don't mention it all that often, but I already archive a few
of the lists:


Again, because I use them, and I wanted a decent search interface...

Soooo, there're some more options to consider.

That could also work. Just put a pointer to your archives if we want to go the simple route.