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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

On Tuesday, 12 September 2006, at 14:56:52 (+0300),
Eugen Minciu wrote:

> Maybe I should be comparing PHP & Zend with RoR, you're right. Sorry
> for that. I'm just saying developing in RoR is saner and faster and
> cleaner then writing your applications in pure PHP or Perl code.

Or "pure" Ruby code.

What does "pure" mean, anyway?  There's no such thing.  Every usable
language has library-type capabilities above and beyond that provided
by the syntax of the language.

> There are other issues with PHP or Perl sites. They're, by nature, a
> lot less secure and many are difficult to maintain. You might end up
> needing more people to spend time on the website.

"A lot less secure?"  LOL!  Sounds to me like you're repeating stuff
someone told you or that you read somewhere without having actual
specific experience with PHP or Perl.  PHP and Perl are inherently no
more or less secure than any other language.

> Can you integrate bug reports on the website with the mailing list
> and the TODO files on the server with HTML?


> Can you make the content automatically add or edit site based on
> email messages?

Ah, you see, you are confusing "content" with code.  Content, by
definition, cannot "automatically" do anything whatsoever.  It's
content.  Code merges static content with presentation to provide
dynamic pages, be they static HTML output files or on-the-fly HTML
created by PHP and such.

> Can you integrate forums and the mailing list like
> David said? Can you make the website accept bug reports from an
> application on the desktop that is just sending an XML request to
> the website, send those reports directly on the mailing list and in
> the TODO files?


> Read those two tags? <personal opinion></personal opinion>. I don't
> need to be right about everything, but I'm right about some things I
> have said (the bit about XSM being a CMS). I tend not to explain my
> opinions too well and I'm sorry for that.

I was referring not to the opinions, but to the statements used to
back them up. :)

Until such time as we decide XSM cannot and will not serve our needs,
I think we should just drop the whole RoR conversation.  One problem
at a time. :)


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