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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

On 12/09/06, David Seikel <onefang@gmail.com> wrote:

One thing that has always kept me away from online forums is the
general lack of any email interface.  If I can treat the forums just
like a mailing list, then I will contribute to them just like I
contribute to the mailing lists.  This is an area I would definitely
put some personal effort into getting right.

hi all =)  emooo onefang.

i'm following the discussion with interest but i can't speak since i lack knowloedge and i'm just a translator.
anyway i'm popping in to reply/tell to onefang that there's  a forum board that integrates mailing lists as well.
all automagically. that is FUDForum. http://fudforum.org

cat fudforum-feature |  grep mailing-lists:

"NNTP & Mailing List integration, allowing FUDforum to be used to archive newsgroups & mailing lists, as well as allow forum members to post messages to newsgroups and mailing lists via the forum."

i don't know nothing about this forum board sorry and i'm not telling to use it, i just remembered that it has this feature.
my humble two cents.

Callea Gaetano Andrea