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Re: [E-devel] Continuing the website saga

Andrew Williams wrote:
dan sinclair wrote:

Ok, haven't got a lot of responses (not that I gave it a huge amount of time, I'm inpatent) but, a follow on email to what we want out of the site.

How do we get it.

Lets us assume, for now, XSM is our CMS of choice. It will handle the static pages for all 'normal pages'. It will handle the news page (which, will hopefully be able to be displayed on both the home page for 2-3 articles and in the news page, Handy?).
sure thing. Any "list based" page can be summarised using simple markup which can be inserted into something like the front page using the template system.
The FAQ will be XSM. If we want to hook up for the user to download the faq to their system we can grab the .xml file XSM generates and post process if needed (Handy, can we hook post processing scripts in so after a page is written out, fire script?) and stick this into specific spots in the webserver.
post processing is not currently available as a hook, but you can look at mtime values on files. perhaps RSS might be useful here?
The main docs pages will be in XSM. The API docs will be generated from CVS, with links from XSM. The other docs that are in CVS will also be autogen'd on commit with links from XSM.

That make sense as a starting point?

Just thought of two more possible things for the site.

1- cvsweb. I know we have this running on Kevin's site now. So we can either bring it in house, or just make cvsweb.enlightenment.org point to his site. Kevin, opinions?

2- mailing list archives. Do we want the hassle of hosting these? sf seems to be doing an OK job of it (not that I look much).