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Re: [E-devel] Continuing the website saga

dan sinclair wrote:

Ok, haven't got a lot of responses (not that I gave it a huge amount of time, I'm inpatent) but, a follow on email to what we want out of the site.

How do we get it.

Lets us assume, for now, XSM is our CMS of choice. It will handle the static pages for all 'normal pages'. It will handle the news page (which, will hopefully be able to be displayed on both the home page for 2-3 articles and in the news page, Handy?).
sure thing. Any "list based" page can be summarised using simple markup which can be inserted into something like the front page using the template system.
The FAQ will be XSM. If we want to hook up for the user to download the faq to their system we can grab the .xml file XSM generates and post process if needed (Handy, can we hook post processing scripts in so after a page is written out, fire script?) and stick this into specific spots in the webserver.
post processing is not currently available as a hook, but you can look at mtime values on files. perhaps RSS might be useful here?
The main docs pages will be in XSM. The API docs will be generated from CVS, with links from XSM. The other docs that are in CVS will also be autogen'd on commit with links from XSM.

That make sense as a starting point?

yup :)
So, what does that leave us with to sort out.

1- User forums. The easiest is to grab something previously created and use that. There are two issues.
  a) do we want to migrate data from edevelop, if so, how.
b) user authentication. We want this to have the same authentication as XSM. So, we'll either need to modify this in the forum software, or do some fancy footwork. (XSM writes its user db and we parse that into the forum db, or into LDAP or something?)

XSM does want to use LDAP, perhaps this would be the push it needs :)
2- Wiki. Do we want a user wiki? Something for users to put their info on, put up a page for their efl apps, or their theme they're working on. If we want this, again, how do we integrate the user database with XSM. Probably a similar issue as 1. Which Wiki software do we use?

3- Bug database. Basically same as above. How to integrate users, which bug software to use. We currently use Mantis. Do we stick with that? (Losing the current bug data is
    unacceptable so if we go to something else we _have_ to migrate.)

I personally like mantis, though I have grown to love Trac ;)
4- Release directory list. It sounds like we can hook php into XSM. This page will then just
    be controlled by XSM. (Assuming I'm correct on the XSM php front.)

Yeah, sure thing - if you want the file list generated on the file system. There is a "files" doctype in XSM which allows you to upload files for download (if you see what I mean) and you can categorise the page. So both options are viable.
I just thought of another feature we may want on the site. Autobuild information. Every 10 min or something rebuild everything, put up page with build errors, build warnings, etc. Possibly just a php script in XSM or tinderbox?

XSM could run scripts to present this, but currently it has no scheduler, so it could not (yet) be used to fire off the rebuild event.
Now. I _know_ everyone has their favorite bug database, favorite wiki software. Favorite hand to use while touching themselves. Thats fine. I want to here what you like. I only want to hear it _once_. I _don't_ want to hear you bitch about what someone else likes.

Right now, we need ideas on what to use and how we can hook the pieces together. We don't want a giant mis-mash site. We also don't want to write all this shit ourselves. How can we get this stuff to fit together in terms of UI and in terms of user database and administration?

(And just as a disclaimer. I've been avoiding XSM like the plague due to some early issues. I still think that we should use XSM as a _starting_ point. Once we've tried it on the new site with the other components then we can decided if it holds wind. To which, I've started poking XSM again.)
And you have come up with some constructive comments which will be put in ASAP. Of course, registering these issues on http://dev.rectang.com/projects/xsm (click "new issue") will get a more "reliable" response ;)