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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

Ah - the text should be there. It was removed a while ago and then reverted - I guess that rectang.com (XSM stable) is not running the latest dev version (not surprisingly)

The thing about all those clicks is that when you want to edit a document you go to the edit tab to get a lock on the file. I guess a link on the view page "add a new post" would be cool. Doctypes by default inherit all their rendering, see, but a news page could override the view to add that link if you think it would save loads of time.


dan sinclair wrote:
Andrew Williams wrote:
The "New" tab is for making new pages.

To add a new post use the "New article" icon instead, which is at the
top of the edit screen. (just above the articles that already exist).

The idea is that the "new xxx" icon will insert content in the location
that it is situated.

Ah, I see it now. The problem being it's 'unlabeled' so I just assumed it was an icon marking that this was a page. The comment ones at least have the text 'add comment'.

Putting 'new article' beside the icon would clear that up I think. (Possibly putting link on the 'view' page would be nice as well. Currently you have to click on the news page, then on the edit tab, then on the 'new article' icon. That's a lot of clicking around.)


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