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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

The "New" tab is for making new pages.

To add a new post use the "New article" icon instead, which is at the
top of the edit screen. (just above the articles that already exist).

The idea is that the "new xxx" icon will insert content in the location
that it is situated.


dan sinclair wrote:
Michael Jennings wrote:

2.  Unintuitive?

Blake says XSM's editing interface is unintuitive.  I can see some
room for improvement, but straight HTML in a textarea seems pretty
intuitive to me, albeit not as user-friendly as it could be.

Just to add to this. I do have access to update the e.org site. For various reasons I don't use XSM. Ok, I decided to try, just to put a bit of a 'what we're doing' up on e.org today.

So, I log in, click the news page. Ok, hit edit. No, that's just editing old posts (of which I can't edit as I guess their owned by other people) Ok, that's cool.

Click 'new' that makes sense, make a new post. But then I see, create a new:

embed Embed a page or site inside an XSM page. This uses the IFRAME tag and is not fully supported by all browsers.
events	A simple event system that will grow with time
glossary	A glossary page for definitions of terms or abbreviations.
login A login page for your site, keeps a unified look and saves typing the site name
news	A blog-like news page with archives and syndication

At which point I say, what the hell? How do I add a new news item. I don't want to add a 'page' or is a news item a page? But that new page says it will appear on the side bar.

Maybe I'm missing something. But at a minimum we'll need some documentation to tell us how to do the simple things (which currently seem a bit difficult).

For now, back out of XSM and no posts to e.org for me.


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