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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

Andrew Williams wrote:
dan sinclair wrote:

Can XSM integrate with things like LDAP or other authentication schemes? Or, would it be hard to add? Or, another way, what are the available authentication mechanisms available in XSM as that would need to be considered when looking for the forum and bug software.


LDAP is definaltely planned, as all the other rectang.com services use
it - but there is no implementation for external authetication yet, sorry :(

Of course it may be possible to go the other way and write a small
wrapper on a forum that looks in the user data area and compares hashes
of passwords... ;)

That would work ok, but could get out of hand depending on the services we offer. If we had to write the wrapper for a bug tracker, forum software and wiki software it would make more sense to wrap XSM, heh. (Which all depends on what we want on the site.)