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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

Michael Jennings wrote:

2.  Unintuitive?

Blake says XSM's editing interface is unintuitive.  I can see some
room for improvement, but straight HTML in a textarea seems pretty
intuitive to me, albeit not as user-friendly as it could be.

Just to add to this. I do have access to update the e.org site. For various reasons I don't use XSM. Ok, I decided to try, just to put a bit of a 'what we're doing' up on e.org today.

So, I log in, click the news page. Ok, hit edit. No, that's just editing old posts (of which I can't edit as I guess their owned by other people) Ok, that's cool.

Click 'new' that makes sense, make a new post. But then I see, create a new:

embed Embed a page or site inside an XSM page. This uses the IFRAME tag and is not fully supported by all browsers.
events	A simple event system that will grow with time
glossary	A glossary page for definitions of terms or abbreviations.
login A login page for your site, keeps a unified look and saves typing the site name
news	A blog-like news page with archives and syndication

At which point I say, what the hell? How do I add a new news item. I don't want to add a 'page' or is a news item a page? But that new page says it will appear on the side bar.

Maybe I'm missing something. But at a minimum we'll need some documentation to tell us how to do the simple things (which currently seem a bit difficult).

For now, back out of XSM and no posts to e.org for me.