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Re: [E-devel] update of ja.po for e16

Yasufumi Haga wrote:

I've just translated the fuzzy entries in ja.po again.
But it seems that the entries for the button labels on
the new integrated configuration dialog remain unchanged
when invoking the dialog after updating ja.po, which must
be using the updated ja.po since the text "Enlightenment
Settings..." on the menu entry for the dialog is translated
into Japanese. I purged all caches and tried again, but
it didn't work. I "grep"ed some strings in "src" directory
which I used to build my current e16, and here's the result,
I'm not sure whether this is meaningful or not, though :)

$ pwd
$ grep "dd->name" *.c
dialog.c:   DialogShowSimpleWithName(dd, dd->name, data);
$ grep "dd->title" *.c
dialog.c:   DialogSetTitle(d, _(dd->title));
settings.c:   DialogSetTitle(d, _(dd->title));
$ grep "dd->label" *.c

"dd-label" seems to be used nowhere. Is my source tree old?

Sorry, my fault, fixed in CVS:

diff -r1.159 settings.c
<       DialogItemSetText(di, dialogs[i]->label);
>       DialogItemSetText(di, _(dialogs[i]->label));