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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> exactly. this is what i have been trying to get people to focus on - what about
> xsm could/should be fixed/improved. what about xsm really (within practical
> limits) is not fixable?
> 3. permissions model - too explicit. hard to grant global acess to 1 user (have
> to add page by page).
This is not quite true - there is a global "edit" permission (it is
simply not hooked into the interface yet) and there is a TODO for
"inheritable" permissions which is high on my list.
> 4. account creation not "self-serve" (enter account name, passwd, email, get
> confirmation email - go to given url - acknowledge etc.)
This would be a feature I would like to add (as an option ;) )
> 5. forums of edevelop - how would we get xsm to handle that with minimum pain
> (don't say we need to write our own forum engine!)
The easiest is to use any forum you want, theme it the same and then
link it from the site menu (nav external links even higher on TODO). The
thing with forums is that folk will likely want anon access, which is
what I have not yet solved. If not then it is simply a case of defining
a forum document definition.
> 6. (andy already addressed this) automatic page content creation from
> disk-contents (eg a dir full of tarballs) using php or something (andy just
> needs to turn on php support and we need to lock down access to such pages so
> people don't tend to make silly mistakes)