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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006 21:45:21 -0400 dan sinclair <zero@perplexity.org> babbled:

> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> > agreed. i currently want to just move xsm locally to e.org - get it all up
> > and running there and go from there. the question then is - once its up -
> > how to kickstart life on e.org. we need to involve andy here as we are
> > still using xsm and moving FROM it to something else will just be painful
> > and xsm needs to show that it just isn't going to cut it (in the
> > foreseeable future) and then some.
> >
> > 1 big thing we are going to have issues with xsm is forums. that i think
> > will be a real hassle - the others - are just improvements on xsm as-is or
> > will be solved in the move (permissions, account creation, speed, dynamic
> > content in pages - eg downloads).
> >
> >   
> I think the main thing we need to do is determine what we actually 
> _want_ from our website. How we get it to do taht can come later.
> There are a few things that we currently have that we want to pull 
> together (from my understanding):
> - Easily editable news page so we can keep people informed
> - Pages for each of the EFL components
> - Documentation pages, with pieces autogen'd out of CVS (api docs, the 
> efl books etc)
>   - This includes user docs which I think should also be in CVS
> - FAQ style pages (possibly wiki style to get user feedback)
> - User forums ala edevelop
> - Bug database ala xcomputerman.com/bugs
> - E17 themes and icon themes sections. Allows auto upload by maintainers?
> - Release directory file list, autogenerated from the filesystem.

and the obvious - just "normal pages" with regular info... :)

> What else do we want on the website? (Do we actually want what's listed 
> there?)
> I know raster hates bug databases, but the one on xcomp's site is 
> working well for the EWL stuff we've been putting into it. Makes it a 
> lot easier for us at least to keep track of our bugs and patches so it 
> would be nice to move it over to the actual e.org site.
> dan
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