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Re: [E-devel] website maintainers needed

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
agreed. i currently want to just move xsm locally to e.org - get it all up and
running there and go from there. the question then is - once its up - how to
kickstart life on e.org. we need to involve andy here as we are still using xsm
and moving FROM it to something else will just be painful and xsm needs to show
that it just isn't going to cut it (in the foreseeable future) and then some.

1 big thing we are going to have issues with xsm is forums. that i think will
be a real hassle - the others - are just improvements on xsm as-is or will be
solved in the move (permissions, account creation, speed, dynamic content in
pages - eg downloads).

I think the main thing we need to do is determine what we actually _want_ from our website. How we get it to do taht can come later.

There are a few things that we currently have that we want to pull together (from my understanding):

- Easily editable news page so we can keep people informed
- Pages for each of the EFL components
- Documentation pages, with pieces autogen'd out of CVS (api docs, the efl books etc)
 - This includes user docs which I think should also be in CVS
- FAQ style pages (possibly wiki style to get user feedback)
- User forums ala edevelop
- Bug database ala xcomputerman.com/bugs
- E17 themes and icon themes sections. Allows auto upload by maintainers?
- Release directory file list, autogenerated from the filesystem.

What else do we want on the website? (Do we actually want what's listed there?)

I know raster hates bug databases, but the one on xcomp's site is working well for the EWL stuff we've been putting into it. Makes it a lot easier for us at least to keep track of our bugs and patches so it would be nice to move it over to the actual e.org site.